Galactic Gyroids (Crews 1 & 2)


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Sep 19, 2013
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Following the siren, you make your way to The Bridge. Your quarter leaders are engaged in heated discussion about the incoming asteroid. '503:45:21' flashes at you from various monitors. In order to find the spaceship parts it has been decided that you, the campers, are going to have to travel to the surface of the nearest planet to see if you can find anything that can be used to help us construct an escape pod to get home. However, The Lopez's original reconnaissance mission hasn't been entirely recalled by this disaster. If you come across any alien specimens on your travels, it is vital that you bring them back and establish them in a habitat in which they can thrive. Three cubic meters ought to do it.

How to Participate 👾

Design a 3x3 layout in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons based around an alien-themed gyroid (pictured below) of your choosing!

Aluminoid, Bloopoid, Dootoid, Laseroid, Petaloid, Sproingoid, Stelloid, Thwopoid, Whirroid, Whistloid

Post two screenshots, one of your design and one including a 3x3 rug or outdoor paving as proof.

Be sure to post your screenshots by Tuesday 15th August 2023 @ 6:59PM EDT.




  • All entries mustbe original, no copying from someone else or submitting something you found off the internet.
    • Designs previously made for TBT Fair 2022's Haniwa Homes event are not allowed to be resubmitted.
  • Designs must have at least one alien-themed gyroid clearly present.
  • A reasonable amount of effort should be put into your submission. Low effort entries or joke entries will not be accepted.
  • Do not edit your post after submitting.

How to Vote

The quarter favorites are entirely community-decided. To vote, simply leave a reaction on the post of any entry. You can use either the (y) Like or :love: Love or any unlocked reaction, they will be added together. Entries that are approved will be marked by the staff with the accepted reaction, but don't wait for this to appear. Feel free to Like/Love any entries at any time!

Favorites from each quarters will be decided only by votes from members of the same quarters.


  • Participation: 16 Bridge Tokens and 15 Points.
  • Community Voting Winners: 8 Mission Tokens and a Rainbow Crescent Moon collectible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the HHP DLC or Harvey's Island be used?
You're allowed to use either your own island, Harvey's Island or HHP houses.

Q. Do we have to use the exact colors of the gyroids shown here?
No, you can use any color variation of any of the specific gyroids shown above.

Q. Is there any other way I can show proof in my second screenshot if I don't have access to a 3x3 rug or the Island Designer app?
Placing down custom designs or digging holes works as well, as long as it's distinguishable that your design is 3x3.
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You step on the moon for the first time. Your ship's broken and there's no way home. Looks like the rabbits actually do pound mochi on the moon. Strange rocks fly past. And small, moon-colored aliens dance around you in circles, clattering and singing strange songs. You're worried about what this means.