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FPS's on Platorms vs. PC


Retired Staff
Feb 3, 2005
Well, I really like the FPS's on platforms (GCN, Xbox, PS2), but I like the PC versions somewhat better. Some of the controls of platform FPS's are horrible, but if it's the same game on PC, its actually fun and easy to control. After playing Halo on PC for a while, I played Halo Xbox and I thought, "Ughhh... These controls are horrible!". Plus, I get to mod the games easily.

PC! because
1. really easy to aim
2. If its on X-box or ps2 and its on computer i can get it (i do have a PS2 but its at my dad's house)
Bad things-
1. Lag. Online if 1 PERSON has a bad connection its really hard to play. and offline if you have a slow computer
Wow, you guys are uninformed, FPS's are meant for the PC, you guys who voted platform don't play them much.