Favorite worn Halloween costume?

As a child, the classics:
—Pumpkin (twice)
—Blue from Blue’s Clues
—Winnie the Pooh
—Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz (as part of a group)

As an adult, I’m Pikachu every year (thanks to the cozy jumpsuit from Hot Topic.) and I love it!
there was this adorable leopard costume i wore when i was a kid that i still find myself thinking about to this day. i hated it at the time because i thought it made me look silly but honestly i think it'd look cute now :D if i do some tweaks to it and switched out some pieces, i'd love it even more.
Serena from Pokémon ^^ I’ve loved cosplaying her so much that I went as her every year in high school (and some after) and went to cons as her. Some day I wanna cosplay a lot more ^^
The costumes I can remember being are:
- a mouse
- Nala from The Lion King
- Pikachu
- a black cat
- a hippie
- veterinarian
- a shoddily put-together turkey
- Mikasa from AoT
- a dragon

I guess the dragon one's my favorite, but it's my most recent, so that's a little biased.
my fairy princess costume in 2007 (i was 5). it consisted of a purple dress, a velvety pink cape, fairy wings, and a velvety hat that was the same colour as the dress that had a veil attached to the top. it wasn’t the most coordinated costume, but it‘s still my favourite! i remember i got so mad when my mom made me wear a jacket with it when i went trick-or-treating, since i thought it ruined the costume LOL

though, i don’t think anything will ever top my 2006 costume when i decided i wanted to go trick-or-treating last minute, and my mom had to quickly throw a costume together. she went with ghost, which consisted of very pale powder foundation and throwing a sheet on top of me— i looked more like a sick victorian child than a ghost LMAO
When I was a child I chose some wacky costumes, I don't wanna talk about 'em... I will talk about the Speed Racer costume I wore, that was one of my favorites.

Jumping into today, my most favorite is obviously dressing up as MK8 Male Villager. What can you do more of loving your favorite character? Dressing up as him of course!
This year I'll have an even more improved version of the costume and I'm excited to show it off here.

(I also wanted to be Hilbert for Halloween last year, I didn't get to as it was 130$...)
When I was really little, my aunt had the greatest idea of making me a bag of leaves. I was really embarrassed by it, but looking back now.. It was really cute. I wore a trash bag and she put fake leaves all over the bag, lol.

Another one of my favorite costumes.. I was an angel last year. I got the costume from Dollskill. It came with wings, a halo, and lots of other cute stuff.
This year, I wanna be Suma from Demon Slayer ;w; My boyfriend may be Tengen with me! ^w^
My favorite was when I was a kid. I ended up being a mummy wrapped in toilet paper, and it actually worked and looked pretty good. It was HELL to try and get off of me though afterwards, lol.
That's a tough one because I'm fond of all my past Halloween costumes. My mom and I would work on them together every year, using mostly clothing and items we already owned and then she'd buy just a few things to pull it all together. So my costumes were never off the rack and always unique.

I guess I can narrow it down to three favorites, listed below in chronological order.

1. When I was about 8-9 years old, I won a costume contest as a Witch. I wore all black with a cape and a witch's hat, had a loooong white wig, and my mom painted my face white with black lipstick and black circles around my eyes. The effect was actually pretty cool.

2. Around 15-16 years old, I dressed up as a Fortune-teller. I know, such a surprise. I wore a colorful peasant skirt I already owned, a white puffy peasant blouse my mom owned, a scarf in my hair, and added beads, bangles, and big earrings. I carried my tarot deck with me. I used this costume a couple of times with minor modifications.

3. Around 18 years old or so, I dressed up as a 1930's-40's Era Actress. I wore a slinky, satin nightgown, high heels and stockings, long satin gloves, and a feather boa. My hair was curled in the Veronica Lake style.
As a kid, I think my favorite (or at least the most memorable) costume that I wore for Halloween was Pikachu! I have a childhood pic of me from that night with my two brothers, we're all dressed up, and for some reason I am standing/posing as if I'm about to go super saiyan or something. I look so intense and it's so funny

There was another year where I went as a grey cat. My grandma handmade the costume which was really cool but it was super itchy since it wasn't lined 😅

As an adult, well I don't dress up these days but I did a couple times to give away candy when I was in college. My white tiger kigurumi was really soft and comfy! And it's one of the few photos I have of me where I think I look somewhat pretty lmao
I didn't have any super interesting costumes and I can only remember dressing as a witch, a unicorn, and a black cat. Anything else I just don't remember now.
I guess I will go with unicorn only because I remember the cat being extremely lazily done.
I also remember dressing as Willy Wonka for a Halloween Zoo event when I was 9. (This costume was based on the newer movie.) I thought it looked cool at the time.
When I was little I dressed up as the grim reaper. There was plastic scythe I liked waving around. I can't remember any Halloweens after that and the ones before were not so creative.
one year my middle school bestie and i went as a zombie nurse and patient, we were like... 13? my mom was pearl-clutching religious (so she says) but my step-dad wasnt, so he put together our costumes and took us trick-or-treating when she refused to. he got some old clothes and did fake blood and all the works, found a fake syringe and fake bone saw from various like... kids toy stuff??? it was so cool. super home-made and stuff but my bestie and i had a BLAST. i sincerely never had a more exciting halloween than that.