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Oct 29, 2005
ok heres a list of my favorite television shows in order

-The Office
-My Name Is Earl
-Everybody Hates Chris
-Prison Break
-Family Guy
-Best Week Ever

umm icant think of the rest but respond with yours !!!!

Probably The Simpsons, but I still don't watch a lot of TV shows.

:p I'm sure I need to get myself hooked on some sort of show, but... meh.


I usually watch the Simpsons everyday.
animalcrosser256 said:
good chocie i luv the simpsons but its getting a little old now which is why my favoirte animated series is the freakin sweet FAMILY GUY
Yeah, sadly, the makers are sorta running out of ideas... I can't wait for the Simpsons Movie, though.

for animated things, i like the Simpsons, and Family guy...

for other things, i like(d):

-24 (series is over : ()

yeah, i dont watch TV >_>

and that show "numb3rs" is annoying... its like "Watch this guy do math, for fun!"

and people watch it...
-Family Guy
-The Simpsons
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Cowboy Bebop
-Aqua Teen Hunger Force
-Robot Chicken
-Harvery Birdman
-Space Ghost Coast to Coast (unbeatable)
-Chapelle's Show
-South Park
-Daily Show with Jon Stewart
-American Dad
animalcrosser256 said:
lol but 24 is going to come back sometime thsi january so be happy
no, i think the series is over... i mean, after the end of season 4... that would be a good way to end it all... but i guess they could go on... it just wouldn't be all that great...
-family guy
-south park
-american dad
-robot chicken
-full metal achemist
-samuri champloo
-wolfs rain *sniff* its over
-i forgot wut its called its new to adult swim its like a game of hide and seek its pretty cool
-malcom in the middle
-one piece
-prison break it was filmed where i live the accual prison is in like the city right next the one i live in where my mom lives its called joliet

i have alot of time on my hands
My dad likes the Pack and i used to live in Oshkosh. But guess who beat them last year...