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favorite animals

At first I thought you meant real life animals. (mine's a fox :p )

On the game...hmm....it would have to be a three-way tie between Goldie, Rosie, and Whitney. :)
:veryhappy: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :gyroidsideways: :mad: :mad: :mad: ^_^ ^_^ i like rosie!
Yep, Bones is in City Folk. I like all the dogs and wolves. I can't stand any of the frogs. :mad:
Sprocket and Poncho
The Reason I like Sprocket is because I like animal robots
and the reason I like Poncho is because I like Bear Cubs and Blue Bears :D
Dawgs'n Frawgs Butch especially. And Jay, and Hopper, and Rosie, and-*Goes on*