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Fadio's Reviews

Kirby: Canvas Curse

When I first watched my Mom insert her credit card into the slot when I ordered KCC at Amazon.com, I already could imagine myself playing this game. Over that 3-day wait, I held myself with YT&G. When it came in the mail, I jumped for joy, ran to my DS, plugged the game in, and started playing... And let me tell you... The wait was worth it....

The first thing I noticed when I turned my DS on to play, I noticed there was 3 file slots. Good. My sister will beg me to play :yes:

This game is all stylus, (except start) so no D-Pad.
It took some getting used to at first, but the training mode was a great help.
When I started the first level, I expected something like YT&G.
What I got was totally different.
Think of it this way:

Platformer + Touch control = (Your thoughts)

For me, the equation was simple:

Platformer + Kirby + Touch Control = Great Fun

And I stand to be NOT corrected.
The graphics of a game is what captures a player in a game.
KCC has some awesome 2-D/3-D graphics. Not to much 3-D at all, but just the right amount for a Kirby Platformer.
Instead of like YT&G, you had to keep going foreward, in KCC, you can go anywhere. To change Kirby's direction, you draw a straight line in front or in back of him. To make him go faster, you tap him. You can also stun enemies, tap Kirby, and ram them to defeat them. And what would a Kirby game be without the copy abilites. I'll just name a few:

Burning Kirby:
Touch Kirby to make him go faster, but with a firery trail!

Rock Kirby:
This Kirby drops instead of floats in water, and you can roll invincibly.

Spike Kirby:
This Kirby can stick to walls, and roll to kill enemies.

To activate an ability, you touch Kirby. Most abilites you can use as many times as you wish, and then when you are done with them, you touch the bar at the bottom of your screen to get rid of it. But some abilites, such as Crash Kirby, you can only use once. I found myself franticly tapping and drawing in-between levels. At the end of each stage, you play as Dash Jump mini-game. It is almost like the Home-Run Derby in SSB for the GC, only you tap Kirby, then draw a ramp and see how far you can get him. At the end of each level, you will fight a boss. They are all inovative, like racing, and drawing, etc. They are also great fun. You can also get medals to unlock new charcters, ink colors, etc. Some medals are easy to find in levels, some are more hidden. There is also a sound test! This is by far one of the best DS Games Iv'e played in a LONG time.

Rating: 9/10
Good Reveiw. I don't think I'll get it though... I'm waitign for some other games.
Good Reveiw. I don't think I'll get it though... I'm waitign for some other games.
I'm too. Mainly sAdvance wars and some others. Maybe a PS2 game too.

OK, what made me get this game was Storm, so I had a bit of a queezy feeling when the guy at the back counter rang it up, but BOY was I wrong.

Ok, Meteos is this unique puzzler where this Evil planet, Meteo, shoots out these things called 'Meteos' out into space destroying one planet after another.
But, by chance, 3 of the same color Meteo formed together, they ignited and blasted off into space. That is how the other planets deffended themselves.
The menues are unique, and the funkadelik-retro music is really cool. There are also a bunch of extras you can unlock like Planets, items, etc. for igniting Meteos.
Each planet has its own 'gravity' level that adds to the gameplay along with the width of the playing field, how fast the Meteos launch and ignite, etc. Meteos is almost a game like Bejewled, with a twist. You must move tiles horizantally and match atleast 3 or more together. They then, boost up like a rocket ship, and depending and the gravity, etc. they will fly up. But, if there is to much weight, they will not fly, and you much match more in mid-air! Now, if this isn't crazy enough, there are weapons, destroying your Meteos, and you must attack opposing planets with Meteos, and destroy them while trying to deffend your own!
Each planet also has a unique tile-set to keep you from total boredom.
There is also a menu that shows you literally ALL your stats, like in SSBM.
(Game time, Meteos launched, Meteos ignited, etc.) There is also multi or singular card multiplayer. There is also a little story mode.

Meteos was deffinetly the buy for a puzzler. Its crazy, fast, inovative, and fun.

Rating: 10/10
StarWars III: Revenge of the Sith

This is the first StarWars game (I think) to hit the DS.
A side-scrolling, hack-and-slash Jedi game. (What else is new?)
In this game, you can play as either Anakin and the path to the Dark side, or
Obi-Wan with the Light. You gain experience, get new force powers, learn to wield your saber and things like that. Droid enemies, bosses, the usual. But what I really liked was the cool, 3-d Spaceship battles. They occur in single player or multiplayer. I don't think there is a single card multiplayer, though. (Bummer!)
The graphics were a nice 2-D other than the ships, colorful, the whole shabang.
I DID get a little bored with the game though, it was pretty much the same thing with the same enemies. This repetition sorta throws me off. Nothing real inovative here, but I doubt they tried to make it inovative, so nothing off for that.

Rating: 6.5/10
Nintendogs Review
This one will be good and long. I will also write a guide.

Alright, disclamer:

I picked up Dashund and Friends Version of NDogs. Any changes in between version or something that I am unaware of, please inform me. (Post here.)
My sister also got Lab and Friends.
I myself got a Beagle, naming her Samudog, and giving her Samus like commands. (Like, for roll over, I said: Morph Ball.)
My sister got a black lab(?), and named her Daisy.
I will also be dividing this review into sections.


Ah, the sound in Nintendogs. Can anyone say variety? Even the simplest of toys have atleast 3 sounds. The dog noises (barking, scratching, etc.) are unbelivably real for a DS game, let alone any game. Most, if not all of the dogs also have their own unique sounds. The sound quality in my opinion is the best that of which you will find in a DS Game that is currently out to the public (USA). Altough I knew that NDogs sound would be good, I never expected it to be THIS good. The music is also very nice, and well placed in different game scenarios.


I took one look at my dog and BAM. I just thought: 'What PWN-Bound Graphics.'
These are almost in my opinion deffinetly the most stunning DS Graphics yet.
Even the poop looks real! (Sorry, that was just how strenous about this.)
The dogs look unbelivably real for the DS, the toys are great looking and come in different colors most of the time, the city you walk in looks great, too.

There was so much variety here, I will break it up into sections.

The variety and things to do in Nintendogs are simply limitless.
One day, you could be cleaning your dog and training him, the next day, you are winning a disc throwing competition and going for a walk. In this game you not only are suggested to check your dog every day, but you want to. The gameplay compared to raising a real dog is so realistic, I don't think they could have done a better job. The gameplay physics are also topnotch, and multiplayer PWNS, too.
You can also unlock other breeds that are otherwise unavalible to you by interacting with other versions.

Your Dog Itself:
Like I said, the comparation to raising a real life dog and a Nintendogs one is very close. Here, for the benifit if you are wagering whether to buy or not, I will list some: If you talk to loud, they get scared, when they first come home, they are nervous, You must feed your dog, clean him using the stylus, pet them using the stylus, I have also found that tapping the touch screen to hard and in the wrong spots makes your dog angry, you use the stylus to throw frisbees, balls, etc.
Your dog can interact with others the same it would in real life, you use the microphone to call your dog to you, teach him commands, scold him, and more.
You may also find yourself treating your dog as if it were a real, living, breathing thing every now and then. Also if you play with your dog at night, he is more prone to sleep during the day. How real is that?

Things You Can Do With Your Dog & More:
Here, I will simply list them and give some detail.
You can walk your dog and choose the path you will take by drawing it with a stylus, your dogs stamina increases as you walk more, you can stop at gyms, and practice agility, or frisbee throwing, you can stop in at a discount store, you can use the mic to teach him, call him, you can enter him/her in competitions such as:
Agility Course, Disc Throwing, and Obediance. You have 'trainer points' which ranks you as you do certain things. When using the multiplayer, you can add them to your 'friends' list, and check their 'trainer card', along with their dogs, trainer points, and more. You can change the way your house looks, play with toys, and just so much more you have to play to believe.

Overall Rating:

Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 9.5
Replayablity: 10

Overall: 10

What can I say, Nintendogs is the best DS Title out to date in almost every way.
This is a must buy, altough this game may not be for everyone. Otherwise, get it or I will kill you.

:) NDogs lived up to everything I wanted and more.