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Does Crazy Redd come every week?

Kao said:
you can get the triforce off of him
Yeah though if he has it tommorrow I may not buy if it is really expensive because people has said they got it in the recycle bin so it must depends on the price.
>_< I made around 15,000 bells today (rock trick, sold some pears, etc). Anyways didn't know the password to get in so I went ahead and paid 11,000 bells towards my house. Then I finnally got the password to go in. By the time I paid his membership fee of 3000 bells I had no money to buy anything.
Bulerias said:
He's selling the Triforce today, and I have enough; 20,000 Bells. Should I buy it?

:yes: then give it to me! I REALLLY REALLY WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i can't pay 20,000 bells >_>