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do you plan to hack your 3ds/wii u systems? (or have you?)

will you/have you hacked your 3ds/wii u systems

  • I already hacked my 3ds

  • I plan to hack my 3ds

  • I haven't decided if I'll hack my 3ds

  • I'm not planning on hacking my 3ds

  • I already hacked my wii u

  • I plan to hack my wii u

  • I haven't decided if I'll hack my wii u

  • I'm not planning on hacking my wii u

  • I don't own a 3ds

  • I don't own a wii u

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I just finished updating the hacks on my modded 3DS after 2 and a half years lol

I should get my Wii U at some point but I’m not sure, I don’t really know anything about the mods for that
I only ended up getting FOUR 3DS games so I definitely plan on hacking my 3DS lol. Just not the one I have right now, it’s too old and was my first one, so I don’t wanna risk messing it up. I want to get the Animal Crossing New 2DS XL and the lavender one and hack those!
That's a really interesting idea actually.. It's tempting in theory but I imagine it would be time-intensive and so I'd probably never get around to it. If this were 7-8 years ago then I probably would 😅 I'd only mess around in New Leaf anyway!
To be completely honest with you i'm scared that I might brick my system otherwise, I'd love to! since physical copies are getting harder and harder to get and with the E-shop now being shut down there's just no better option. I know to never use YouTube videos when hacking your ds & to use the 3ds hacks site but I'm just afraid : (
I've heavily considered hacking my 3DS, but I'm sure I'd bugger it up somehow. No matter how easy everyone insists it is, I'm clumsy enough that I don't trust myself to try. ^^;
I put homebrew software on my 3DS. It was incredibly easy, and apparently you can do it on any version of the 3DS. I got a cute Kirby theme for the home page, but I haven’t done anything else with it.
A lot of my friends have hacked their 3ds I am not sure if I would ever do it. I am just worried about things going wrong with it. Cause then where else am I meant to buy a new 3DS.
I have never hacked my 3DS or Wii U but have been tempted many times… it looks like so much fun! I just have so many physical games and everything so I do not know how much use I’d get out of it.

I will say though, its surprisingly easy! My friend asked me if I could mod hers and within 10 minutes hers was all set up and I downloaded her some of my fave games and she is loving her 3DS again just like 2015! (Had to show her Style Savvy and Project Mirai 💅🛍️🎶)
I hacked my 3DS a few years ago to use custom themes, backup my saves, and play around with pkhex.
I traded mine for aquarium stuffs 🐟🎉🥰

For me personally, I didn't see a point to hold onto it and it was just sitting there and I really wanted to get my aquarium stuff kicked off and wanted to experience that and have it help my vegetable gardening.
While I can see the benefits of doing so, especially with the online servers going away, I'm not technologically inclined and am worried that I'd brick my consoles by trying to do this and accidentally doing something incorrectly. I'd rather not risk messing anything up since I still play these games, so I'll likely steer clear.
i homebrewed my 3DS a few months ago actually. i hacked mainly to play around with the new leaf save editor on my second save file.
I did it to my 3ds xl. I forget when I did it. It was given to me by my cousin years ago and I wanted to do recordings directly from the 3ds. I'm sure there are many ways to do this, but I'm not very tech savvy. So I just did it the way I found on a tutorial which required hacking the 3ds and it had to an xl. It worked and I was able to record a playthrough of my Newleaf town.

It was a lot of work for just a little recording, but I wanted to see if I could do it lol.
I have two 3DS, one modded and one vanilla. I eventually plan to mod the vanilla one.

I never grew up with the entire DS family of systems and got my first 3DS two years ago. After modding my 3DS I was giddy about the library of games that I would have access to.

Instead I’m actually investing more time into DS games as opposed to 3DS. After doing more research I became interested in more DS titles. I still have a huge library of 3DS games to play, but perusing the DS library made me realize why it was Nintendo’s best selling console for the longest time.
I already have! I hacked my 3dsxl in 2021 and it's served me well. I would've done it sooner but I was paranoid about bricking my console. I've had fun with the extra gba & snes games, the custom home menu themes, and experimenting with new leaf save editors / plugins. It's also fun to go on of bounds adventures and learn more about how different games work by trying out wacky things.
I'd recommend it! But be careful and be sure to make backups before trying anything too risky.
Small update. I hacked my 3ds shortly after the Farewell to New Leaf event was over, now I plan on getting my Wii U hacked as well along with adding pretendo to both before April 8th.
Nope, but imo it's no problem if other people want to hack theirs. I just don't see an advantage for me. I have a special edition N3DSXL with a ton of data going back many years from my first 3DS, and would hate to potentially damage that. If I want to play something online there will still be plenty of Switch and PC games to choose from. And I already have any game I can think of I want. Infact when the eshop was about to shutdown I panicked and bought a bunch more singleplayer games, I have yet to play through them all so going forward I'll still have plenty to do with my 3DS.
Yes I did for a few reasons. My 3ds is a Canadian one however I now live in the UK, I wasn't going to hack my 3ds and instead just purchase a UK one. Sadly they are insanely expensive so I quickly realised this was something I wouldn't be able to do, and instead opted to hack my 3ds instead ( which works perfectly so I didn't have a reason to buy a new one anyways ) and now I can play UK games despite my 3ds being from Canada
When I first hacked mine I enjoyed it for quite a while. I did for free gamez at first but then once I discovered custom themes, custom badges, save editing, etc., I went all-out. I remember my N2DSXL (not my first 3DS model) having several Japanese themes and a few custom themes I managed to make, as well as a bunch of English and Japanese games, apps of retro games, lots of homebrew programs such as the oddly-named app installer FBI, badges I made containing my favorite characters and OCs me and my online friend made, and a modified HOME Menu with the applet icons and the HUD colored and positioned differently. Good times! Plus it was easy and quick for me to get it set up and even I was close a few times, I haven't bricked it once.
Too bad I don't have my N2DS with me. It got donated because some people think I'm childish, being a teen going around with a handheld game console. I know there are people older than me who like Nintendo too but when they tell me stuff like that I feel embarrassed.