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do you like to travel?

do you?

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I love traveling so much!!! I would do it all the time if I could. My favorite method of transportation is by plane ^^ It’s just one of the best things life has to offer in my opinion!
I love to travel! It’s always so much fun visiting places you’ve never been to before. Always worth the long trip no matter how far away.
I love traveling!! My parents were workaholics when I was younger, so I cherished my yearly trips with them. And now I'm always thinking about my next trip! I live in the US, and off the top of my head I've visited Seattle, San Francisco, Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, DC, Philly, NYC, Boston, and other areas in some of those states, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee. For international countries, I've visited Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, the UK, and Portugal. And I have a trip planned to DC again and Spain this year!! I will likely be traveling to Turkey next year, and I hope to visit PNW again and Japan next. 😊

I like to research on what’s worth visiting based on my interests and seeing which attractions and restaurants need a reservation in advance. Then I book those accordingly. Otherwise, I prefer not to stick to a timetable. I just like to have a basic idea of what I’ll be doing for the day, and I try to keep the activities light for flexibility in case I would like to wander.
I love traveling! I traveled a ton as a kid, we lived everywhere, visited so many places. It's been forever since I've been able to really travel (other than to see family in other states), and I really do miss it sometimes. Now I'm just home all the time.
I like to travel for sure, I just prefer not to drive. I'd love to go on a luxury train ride some day if I can ever afford it!! Also would love to go to Japan and maybe Switzerland. I feel like travelling changes you for the better
I like traveling but don’t get to do it too often by myself. I am going to Taiwan in a couple weeks for 10 days with my dad and he’s going to let me do some things on my own this time. I plan on visiting the Taipei Pokémon Center and getting the birthday Pokémon gift as it will be my birthday month when I go.
Depends on where to, honestly...
I don't like travelling so much these days since I associate it with a negative memory but overall, not really
I am a sovereign citizen. I am not driving, I am traveling. I don't pay my debts with fiat currency, I use my signature as legal tender. 😉 No but really, yeah, I like traveling. Driving, flying, I'll go anywhere, anytime for whatever reason. 😎 Well... a good reason, of course. 😅 I've actually driven 5 hours to a different state just to go to an arcade that had the only arcade machine of Neo Geo Turf Masters in the whole U.S. The only other ones are in Spain and Britain. 🤯 Of course, I took the opportunity to visit the local town and stuff (it was raining, I brought my golf clubs in vain) but it was fun nonetheless. 😁
I'm not a huge fan of travelling. I find it pretty stressful honestly. Most of the time I'm worried about something going wrong. But I wonder how much of that is due to actually travelling, and how much of that is due to the people I travel with 😅 I wouldn't mind going on a trip with friends one day just to see whether that's as stressful as past experiences.
I love traveling so much!!! I would do it all the time if I could. My favorite method of transportation is by plane ^^ It’s just one of the best things life has to offer in my opinion!
Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to embark on a journey across Europe, and let me tell you, it was unforgettable. Germany, in particular, left a lasting impression on me. The country is brimming with history, culture, and stunning landscapes. And I was amazed by how convenient it was to hop on and off trains, thanks to their efficient network. One platform for booking all tickets? Genius! I wish we had something similar back home. If you're ever planning a trip to Germany, I highly recommend checking out https://www.dbfahrplan.com/de/. It made my travel experience so much smoother.
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I don’t travel a lot but it would be fun to. However I need to save up a ton of money so it could be possible, so there’s that.
I like traveling, but to the grocery store or something. I do not like traveling far.
I love travelling with other people. It makes me appreciate where I'm from more and I get to see things I'm not used to seeing. I had never seen a real glacier in person until I went on a cruise to Alaska, and I had never spent an extended amount of time in a culturally diverse place with amazing food until I visited New York City. The Midwest made me appreciate how geographically diverse my home state is in comparison and I was pleasantly surprised how much friendlier people out there are to strangers than the Pacific Northwest. Visiting L.A. and Arizona made me glad to not live in a super hot place in the Summer.

Travelling alone terrifies me existentially and I have lost sleep over panic attacks at the thought of losing something valuable or getting stranded in a far away place. I am horrendous with keeping track of things and navigating on my own and going to another country alone is just too daunting.

The places I want to visit most are the U.K. and Minnesota. The former because it looks pretty and I already speak the national language. The latter because I'm interested in potentially living there at some point and I want to go if it is as up my alley as it seems.