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Dec 27, 2008
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Tomorrow, I'm opening my gates all day.
I cleaned out my closet, so all the stuff in it are yours to keep.
Just post your FC, and add me. My FC is 4640-9281-3613.
Some of the items are DLC and furniture sets.

I will be AFK, the entire day, so you can do whatever you want in my town.
Also, if you're going to take advantage of me being inactive the entire day and destroy my town, you'll only be doing me a favor.
Can I come? My FC can be found in my profile. :)

I'll add you right now.
I'm gonna open the gates after I register everyone, which is about 10-15 minutes.
That's awesome, I'll see ya on City Folk Travis.
Please add me too! My FC is 3223-9679-8955. My town is called Forks! I need your town name too!
I'll open it up again after an hour or so.
I have to fix things.

Also, please take note that you can take whatever you find outside, but the items in my house are off-limits.
TravisTouchdown said:
Pachireecko said:
Hmm, I can't seem to visit your town. Is something wrong?
No, I just took you off.
I think you've had enough stuff.
Yeah, I suppose I was being a bit greedy. :p Ok, thanks for letting me over. =D