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Feb 22, 2020
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Does anyone watch C-dramas? I mean Chinese dramas.
I've watched The Untamed (I'm rewatching it for the third time) and Word of Honor. Preferred the first one. I love it so much! It's my favorite tv show of all time, characters are will written and appealing, the story is a little bit hard to get in but touches on important themes and different sides of human.

Planning to watch My Journey to You and Lost you Forever. Wuxia is my favorite genre.
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I've also watched The Untamed multiple times because the novel it's based on is my favourite book! I much prefer the novel itself but the drama is what got me into the series to begin with. I remember having no clue what was going on for at least 10 episodes and I almost dropped it, but at some point everything just clicked and it suddenly became my main obsession. It's now been a couple of years and I still think about it every single day lol

I have some complaints about the adaptation, but I can tell the whole team put a lot of love into it despite the restrictions they had (budget, censorship etc.).

I haven't really seen any other cdramas but I'm open to it!
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Oh I completely forgot that I've also seen a drama called Couple of Mirrors! It was pretty entertaining, I'll definitely watch season 2 when it comes out.
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