Bell Tree Direct - 9.30.23 - New Staff and October Events

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Please tell me Friday the 13th candies come back. I'm really bummed about the gacha
Omg I bought one last minute hoping it wouldn't change but it actually did..... looking at the statistics that's kind of hilarious. I guess I'll trade it once I figure out how the marketplace works.
I’ll buy it once you decide to sell and give you a regular one as well!
Darn, mine didn't end up transforming.
Guess I used up all my luck with the rainbow candy one last time!
So I just came back from the world of absence and the mushrooms I bought one by one daily, only one of them has transformed. That’s very cool! I’d probably keep it for a while.

And about this Halloween event acting like a TBT Fair is exiting to me, as I haven’t participated in one since 2020. Looking forward to it.
I have not yet voiced how excited I am for this event.
This is because I cannae think of words to describe how excited I am for this event.

Literally first thing I did when I saw this posted was go to my friend and say "NEXT TBT EVENT STARTING SOON."
Wow I cant believe I haven't seen this thread till now

Congratz to both of you for becoming official mods. You both very much deserve it

It was such a fun time with you in Moon Bunnies @LadyDestani snd you really pulled us through. @~Kilza~ one of the leaders of space whales, it was a pleasure being against you. Looking forward to seeing what you both do.
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