Bastoise99's Interview


Senior Member
May 23, 2005
It is a small itterview bast and did in AIM.

[12:29] jjbatjr2004: Ok, Hello Bastoise99!

[12:29] Blast50: Hello System

[12:29] jjbatjr2004: So, are you ready for your intervew?

[12:29] Blast50: I can't wait!

[12:29] jjbatjr2004: Then lets get started.

[12:30] jjbatjr2004: What does it feel like being an admin?

[12:31] Blast50: Well, what can I say? Its great. I love being able to work on the site, and its very enjoying being surrounded by a cooperative staff.

[12:31] jjbatjr2004: Wow, it must really be an honor to be an admin.

[12:33] Blast50: It is. It was a great accomplishment I thought to make it form a regular employee, to a Local-Mod, to a Global Mod, and to reach my goal of being a Admin. It was my dream when I first started

[12:34] jjbatjr2004: Interesting. So, when you first heard that you can become an admin, what was your first expression?

[12:35] Blast50: I wasn't close to expecting it. It was a tremendous success and I've thanked Bul and Storm many times for it. Like I said before, I always wanted to become one.

[12:37] jjbatjr2004: Ok, so, just a random question, who do think would be the next local mod, global mod, and Admin?

[12:40] Blast50: Local MOD: It would be a sage, and I tink it will be a tough decision for s to make between Fish, sporge, and zero

Global MOD: Most liekly smart_tech. He has great leaderhship qualities and I think would make a fine Global MOD. He's an agrat guy.

Admin: Linkerator