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Are you the Mini Game Master?


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<big><big><big>Mini Game Master Contest</big></big></big><big></big><big><big>

This is a contest that involves two DS games paked full of mini gmaes: Wario Ware Touched and Super Mario 64 DS.

Since there are so many mini games in these, you start off with posting just one high score for each game.

-Post your your best high score you are most proud of for each game.
-Please write Wario scores in purple and Mario scores in red.
-Once you post the high scores you are most proud of you can challenge other people's high scores.
-Quote there post and tell them that you want to challenge them.
-You then both can paly the particular mini game as much as you want.
-Once you get a new score (if you get one), post it.
-You get one point for broken challenges and one point for scores that were never challenged.
-You can only chose one mini game from each game as your strong point, which is you first post (1st and 2nd step)

These are all the points everyone ahs so far.
(will be edited)

Overall Game Discussion:
(this is not relateated to this contest in anyway)
If you want to say all of you high scores you can post them in these threads:
Warior Ware Touched: http://s3.invisionfree.com/The_Bell_Tree/i...0&#entry4351171
Super Mario 64 DS: http://s3.invisionfree.com/The_Bell_Tree/i...p?showtopic=593

Prize/Other Notes:
You'll get an add-on and have a speacil rank for two weeks.
Sure it's easy to cheat in this , but only awful, unhumanly, terrible, wicked, disgusting, animals would ever think of that. O and if I found out, you'll be banned!

;) Make sure your scores match exactly down to the last post.
My scores.

Wario Ware Touched: Zooooo, 999 and maxed out.
Super Mario 64 DS: Bomb-Omb Squad, 90900.
A few that I doubt anybody can beat:

Accountant Assult: 39 (Yeah, I'm a math freak)
Slots Shot: 62600

Edit: Sorry bout' that. I didn't read above the rules, just the rules and below.
Please only do one mini game each. That way everyoen starts out with the smae amount of strong points. (so you'll have to edit that)