Animal Crossing Icons

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Lol i will give it a quick try cause i actually know what you mean justin

Here are some icons, idk if you want it this style, I can change it though. It does have transparent background. If you want to use these i can give you better quality ones :lemon:

Gyroid Icon.jpg Fish.jpgFossil Icon.jpgBug Icon.jpgPainting Icon.jpg
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Fffffffff I just remembered this. |8 Stupid stepdad losing his job, staying here for over a week, and forcing me to not want to leave my bedroom. @_@

Edit: Alrighty, I got one of my icon ideas scanned and stuff. I just put this in as an attachment and the resizing made it all blurry, but that's fine. It's just a preview anyways. :3 If you like it I'll upload the others. And I have no idea why the transparency isn't showing up, when I open it up in Photoshop the transparency is there. @_@ I have never done this before I am confused.

Fish Icon Comp.jpg
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To make it have a transparent background, in photoshop go 'save as' a PNG file, JPEG's dont allow transparent backgrounds :)
Oh, I already knew that. It is saved as a PNG file and it's already transparent. I just forgot that when I view transparent things in Firefox they put a white box around it now. So I'm pretty sure I'm fine because I looked at the picture in another program and the transparency was there.
hmm yea it seems that posting pictures on this forum can only be jpg's (or that is the default setting or something?)
Seems that way, but it's not a problem. If Justin likes the one I made, I'll color in all the others and then I'll upload them to my tumblr and just share them from there so they can be seen in their full prettyness. xD
I'm not sure if I'm too late, but I can come up with something ^^;

Something like this?

Also, guys~ save your images as gifs and you can have a transparent background like the image above ^ ( drag it and see the transparency )
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I can save my images with transparency as PNG files just fine. It's just that the attachment thing has affected it, because the actual image already has transparency. If Justin likes my style Imma go on and make all my icons and upload them through my tumblr and then share them here so they're full size and have the proper transparency.
huh, that's weird…
Let me try:

Yeah, I don't know why yours is coming up with a background D:
xD me neither. It looks like your image wasn't shrunk down very much either, where mine was shrunk down by around half. xD That could be part of it. ._.; I'm not much of a whiz at things like this so I have no clue. It doesn't bother me though. The preview can have a background if it wants to. xD
I'm wondering if uploading it on here shrunk it down to 72 dpi.
*thinking hard about this* >_<;;
Are you using Photoshop? ( I can help with that :D )

Did one more


  • gyroid.png
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Hey guys. Sorry I didn't post earlier when Officer Berri and Murray made some. I was waiting on someone else to work on them for me but it seems he's too busy to get them done now. Either way, I should have posted and said something instead of ignoring the thread. Sorry!

That being said, I'm looking for a digital kind of smooth and clean look, like Pyon's icons. As much as I love the colour of the other icons, I don't think they would fit in well on a website or app.

Pyon, if you could upload the best quality/size versions you have to another site like Imgur and PM them to me that would be great! I'll test them out in beta version and see how it looks. Only change I would make is smooth out the edges on the Gyroid a bit more, it's a little rough. Thanks!

EDIT: My current categories are Bugs, Fish, Fossils, Diving (?), Art, and Gyroids.
K, thanks for finally letting us know. I can just delete the stuff I did since I have no use for it, lol
Here's what I've got, don't know if you still need it or not though :p

fossil PNG.jpg

looks a little low res here though, don't know why. I can upload it to a image sharing website if needed :)
Thanks guys but this has been taken care of already. :)
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