age of mythology

I have age of empire II and I play it online two. I love it.
i only have #1 and i don't like it that much. :no:
Well maybe you'll lik #2.

:) And 3 is coming out too.
3 looks completely awsome... its also using the Half-life 2 (Havok) physics engine... which will add some awsome things into it... like cannon balls obeying laws of gravity... they can now bounce after hitting the ground and stuff


not only the physics thing... but the scenery looks amazing...
****WARINING!!!!!*** huge pics are below if you are a 56k user i might take a long time to load!

heres a screenshot


heres some stuff about this game
AoM: without expansions
*9 difern't major gods to pick from (like your civiliation)
after each age you get to pick a minor god
*3 types of major gods (egypt norse greek)
*a long campagin with about 30 scinarois and a story
* lots of god powers like meteor (you can see that above) tornado bolt lightning storm tornado earthquake and lots more
*online play! very fun! you can make your own maps and playthem online
*myth units like avengers minitors cyclopses
AoM: The tians expansion
*a new dificulty lvl
*3 new major gods and a new type atlantion
*you can get titans! heres a screenshot of a titan V (during a cutseen)

* a new campagin!
*lots of new units!

so go to the store today and get

(sorry about huge pics)
I have

Age of Empires (I)
Age of Empires (I) Expansion : Rise of Rome
Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology Expansion : The Titans

And i will be getting Age of Empires (III)

Number (II) Didn't really excite my interest.
I got the entire series, and definetly will get AoE III, it may be the first PC game I bought in a few years, too.