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AC town erased... what to do?


Junior Member
Dec 5, 2004
Here's what happened. I was at my friend's house, and I decide to bring my memory card (my town), and my brother's memory card (his town). I travel to his town, and everyone seems to enjoy watching the game. I attempt to come back, and I'm denied. Porter says my file is corrupt, and I was like...

:huh: So eventually I turn it off, and I turn it back on to be met by KK Slider with baaad news. I had to start a new town.

So now I have a new town. It's very unfamiliar, and I haven't memorized the terrain yet. I am thinking of using codes to get my house paid off, as I had in my other town. Do you consider me doing this cheating? I had almost every item in the game, and the fully paid off house, so I might do it. What are your thoughts?
you can do what you want... i wouldn't use codes, just because it makes you feel like you accomplish more when you do it without them.