Able Sisters clothes or GracieGrace clothes?


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Aug 21, 2010
Dragon Tokens
I personally like Able Sisters they have great/cool items but GG is too expensive
Able sisters have a range of items and they don't charge reallly high prices

Also you can also make pro patterns
Gracie has cool stuff, but expensive.
Ables has some variety and very reasonable prices.

Both are good in their own way.
Able Sisters has more of a variety.
There's like 2 things from Gracie that I like..
I like my own clothes the best, though.
I like Able Sisters better. The store has more of a variety, and their prices are cheaper. Aside from purchasing clothes, you can also design patterns there.
I Like Ables Clothes Because they are Not exspensive and stylish

Gracie Grace- Exspensive and the only clothes season I liked was The gorgeous searies.

The rest SHE HAD A FREAKIN BUG SHIRTS. and she makes fun of OUR Style :]
GG is expensive and has a very limited choice of clothes; the selection only changes four times a year. Able Sisters are cheaper and have a much more extensive selection that changes daily, and it's almost impossible for them to set out the exact same combination of clothes and accessories two times.