a strange glitch i encountered, possibly caused by online play.


Apr 11, 2023
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i have been trying to unlock the train station remodel for the past couple of days. i so conveniently happen to own more than one copy of New Leaf, as well as a second 3DS. i decided to use my second 3DS/New Leaf to continuously visit my town until i reach enough visits required to unlock my goal.

i first started just under 3 days ago, and it was extremely tedious, but at this moment i am at 96 visits out of the 100 required to remodel my train station. a few minutes ago, i had just finished my 96th visit.

when you arrive back to your town after leaving someone else's, your character will leave your train station to enter your town. for some strange reason, this... just did not happen. my screen shows my train station, waiting for my character to emerge from it, but that is just not happening. the usual hourly music is not playing, but i can hear the sounds of water coming from a lake that is slightly off screen. the bottom screen is moving as normal, but has not loaded anything such as my town map. my 3DS will also not allow me to go to my home menu, as if it thinks i am not in my own town. turning off the 3DS WiFi switch does nothing, either.

i thought at first that i was in my other town, and my internet connection was interrupted for whatever reason. when i realised i was already in my original town, i was extremely confused. if it was something to do with online play, i would dismiss this, but the fact that it is occurring offline, in my original town has me concerned. i attempted to search online for anyone who had experienced anything similar, but to no avail.

has anyone else experienced this? i wonder what causes this. A dodgy internet connection before i left the town? visiting so much in such a short period of time? i do not know. perhaps it is something more serious, maybe something to do with extensive usage or wear on either my ACNL cartridge or 3DS itself.

as of now, it has been about 30-40 minutes, and nothing has happened. because my 3DS will not allow me to access the home menu, i will turn my 3DS off. i am most curious about this.
this is a strange glitch for sure! I think you couldn't access to home menu because when gates are open the game can't let you to "stop" anything unless you close the gates because any of your friends could arrive at any moment (in the logic of the game)
I think your connection became weak at some point and you experienced this glitch, but at the same time you couldn't access your home menu!
I don't think you have to worry about anything because you haven't interrupted any saves, I once interrupted the internet connection while I was playing (by accident) and the game crashed but fortunately nothing happened because I didn't interrupt any saves!

Edit: I reread it and I think I misunderstood, I immediately thought that your gates were open but this was not the case. Consequently it must have been a bad glitch that froze the game! But like I said I don't think you need to worry because you didn't interrupt any saves
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I'm not sure what this is but it sounds like the game softlocked. I would be concerned if it somehow happens again.