Mochacho said:
$150!!! Well, that makes sense.
http://www.gamespot.com/news/6253254.html (Playstation Move article) said:
Starter bundles will have a game, the PS Eye, and a Move controller will be available for under $100.

last i remembered, it cost more.. ~$150 or 200, but if $100 is true, lol @ kinect. revolution or not.
Kinect = fail?? lol wow people, talk about being ignorant, you guys haven't even used it. and 150 isn't bad, thats like a bit more than double a standard controller. You're getting a whole new way to play/interact with your system.
AndyB said:
David for next Microsoft sales rep.
No thanks, I don't even like Natal. It's not something I'm interested in. But for people who want something new, or want new motion controls, 150 bucks isn't a bad deal.
$150, even $100 is a bit much, for motion control..

for the xbox, i'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the last upgrade it's going to get before the system has to change/be new next gen, if only because people have/are starting to know how to develop games using the ps3's processor. of course, i have nothing to back up this statement.

$150 is $20 away from a DSi, and I forget the prices on PSP's now. last I remember, a Wii is either $150, or $200.

if you're paying $300-400 to begin with, and tack on another $150/100 for a new way to play the system.. it doesn't make sense to me.

but hey, at least they're competing with nintendo somehow/finally.

though.. i still don't get what the big deal about motion control is. analog sticks and some accelerometers at most work just fine, imo.