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  • Hey man, idk if you remember me but we played new leaf together around 6 years ago... lmk if you wanna add and link up for new horizons!!

    I've added you on Switch from the New Horizons release date thread.
    I'll also be playing on my own in the beginning but want some people to play online later on.

    See you!
    Haha I glad you like it! I like to have fun packaging the letters :p
    Idk if you have a pound land or a dollar store but mine sells cute washi tape for like 5 for a £1. Thou the one I used for yours is from Tofu Cute, same for the cute note paper!
    Yep! It arrived safely today! Not damaged at all, let me know once yours comes c:
    It is so much fun!!! It is so interesting and being there gives me access to so many products of things I love!

    I'm sure the forum has it's fair share of toxic users, just like any community, but the overall vibe here is a lot more positive and passionate compared to other communities I have been it. Most people here are legitamentally passionate and committed to the things they like instead of just leeching onto it for the "aesthetic" or the "trend", which I really appreciate. :)

    I think we may have added eachother on the Switch a few years back, but I have cleaned my friends list a few times without paying too much attention, so you may not be there. I'll definitely check and add you if needed when I can!!
    Yess, the ACNH hype is real!! The community here is just so awesome, and I had the longing to come back and be more active. I would love to play the game with you!!

    That's so cool how you're in University now!! I'm in high school, with this year and another left. I also have a part-time job at a game store, so that's super awesome!! I get to share my love for the game with excited customers wanting to pre-order. :)
    Lars!! Do you remember me??
    I haven’t been active on here for a very long time haha, but I remember you!!
    I hope you have been doing well!! :)
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