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  • A quick apology to anyone who tried to contact me! Life became very chaotic and I've been away from most online communities for the majority of the year. Going to be semi-active on the forums for a little while <3
    Hi there! I've seen you have a lotus pond in your bathroom. Where did you get that from? Kind regards, Muttly
    Hiya to anyone checking out my profile! I'm going to be pretty inactive for a while since my seasonal is acting up hella bad and dealing with some losses. Still playing the game and might post on the forum sometimes, but I'm not really up to socializing.

    Also, sorry for those of you who went out of your way to compliment my cinnamoroll-themed posts, the mods asked me to stop doing it for bypassing the signature limit! It's a little less fun now (because I'm aesthetic trash) but I fully intend to follow the forum rules ^0^/

    Thanks for understanding, you're all awesome! <3
    It's fine haha! Thanks for Teddy; just sent payment over (and why thank you ;DD)
    Yeah, of course! Glad to hear that everything will be alright with you as well. :)
    Hello hello! When may I pick up Teddy? :)

    (I read your VM as well, so just take your time; social anxiety is just absolutely awful, as I kind of have it myself. Hope you'll be alright!)
    For anyone on my profile: My social anxiety is flaring up really badly so I'll currently only be taking care of my trades and cycling town (maybe updating 2017 journal but idk) <3 I'll answer personal messages and such ASAP <3 Thank you for understanding!
    I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get Puddles today? If not it's totally okay, I'm just trying not to play my game while I have an empty space so that I'll be ready for her to move in. If not, take as much time as you need! :)
    Sorry, I became preoccupied with something. I will send the TBT for Tangy and add you. Let me know when you're ready.
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