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11-11-2006, 09:00 AM
For those who don't know what Homebrew is, homebrew is basically user made programs. This can either be Emulators or any other user made application.

Here is some other info on the PS3:

Taken from qj.net:

[quote]Yes, you are reading the title correctly! Sony have just released version 1.10 of the PS3's firmware for any Japanese gamers who already have a PS3 through the use of the official Japanese PS3 site. As Japanese gamers queue up to receive their brand new PS3 consoles the big guys back at Sony have been refining the install method of the PS3's firmware update. With PS3 firmware v1.10 being released, gamers are half way between being able to interface their PSP's with a PS3 console. According to Sony's PS3 Japan site, this firmware update will provide "various functional additions and strengthening of security." Judging from the first bullet point in the overall system changes section, it looks like the Playstation Network couldn't be accessed in v1.00...my bad. Here's an translation from Sony's site detailing what version 1.10 features:

Whole (overall system changes)

* It reached the point where the service of PLAYSTATION Network can be utilized.
* With the picture keyboard of European language, it reached the point where it can do the letter input of single tap system.


* Music CD output frequency was added to music setting.
* ATRAC is made effective, added to substance setting.
* In type of keyboard of peripheral device setting, type of keyboard which can be selected increased.
* The

11-11-2006, 09:11 AM
:lol: Wow! Neat.