You find yourself in a tiny living space...

Would you like living tiny?

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🪂Don't look back🪶
Feb 28, 2020
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Just a fun casual post.

You find yourself having to move into a tiny living space such as a tiny house. Or studio apartment if you prefer.
1. What would it roughly look like? (Outside/inside colors vibes theme ect)
2. What are some of your required "have to have items" after your down size? (a certain plush, a certain game console, a special collection you own, a writing desk chair you adore ect.)
3. Any certain/special features would you want included in your tiny living space? Take note of space! (like a book shelf or a hideaway tv thing for your big tv or maybe you're into plants and want shelving on a big window or you want a tiny window upstairs for your little telescope or a stone oven for your obsession with pizza, a tub instead of the common shower in small living spaces ect. )
4. Any space saving features you've seen before that you really liked that you may want in a tiny living space? (Like stairs also being drawers for storage, or a chair can be folded into a mini step ladder ect)
I'm a minimalist, so this is just perfect. My dad and I are moving soon, and we're only getting a one bedroom. I'm taking the living room. I planned on taking pictures and posting them after the fact (most likely in the "what are you happy about today" thread), and it'll be obvious how much of a minimalist I actually am.

I would prefer a studio apartment if I'm by myself. I don't need a big living space. I'd have minimal decorations and not a lot of furniture. Maybe just a desk (for my laptop) and a futon, which will double as a couch for me. I'm not that interesting of a person, I know.