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Why Cant I travel


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Jan 18, 2009
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Ok, so when I board the train, it saves my travel data and whatnot, and then after I get on the train, the game loads back up to the title screen. When I choose to play and click my name, it says that I since i never returned I'll lose my stuff, but the thing is, I never even went to the other town. The memory manager even shows my travel data on the other memory card! How do I travel? Am I supposed to start the game on that memory card? :S
ok. this is the old gamecube one, right?

it uses some kind of memory card travel system, where you take your memory card over to a friend's house (or whatever), and put your memory card in slot B (put theirs in A)

when you start the game, you'll have to pick something about travelling, and you'll start from the train. make sure you save, or else you'll revert to the gyroid-face character, and lose all your stuff (money, items, mail, not sure if other stuff, but at least that/what's in your pockets)

I'm not sure about if you don't go to the other town, but there's probably an option you're missing on the main menu, something about "i'm back" or travel options, something.

I messed up and lost all my stuff once, too, it should've been warned, but eh. :/

actually, I think you have the option to create a save on your slot b when you're leaving, so you can leave your town's memory card in/at your gamecube and just take the memory card that has your travel save game on it. or something like that.

easiest way is to have the other person's town in slot b, and travel by train. you'll go directly to the town. but, it's a workaround if you're visiting or something, i dunno.

I think you can also do that, or something like it with the game boy, but if the batteries go out, tough luck D: hope that helps/helped
Nope, nothing like that. I already left, and on both cards I haven't found any options like that.
Let me try to better explain the issue:

When I go Porter, He asks me if it's ok To SAVE THE TRAVEL DATA ON THE MEMORY CARD IN SLOT B, and the TOWN DATA ON THE MEMORY CARD IN SLOT A, which should be right. After this process is done and I board the train, the game resets back to the "Press Start!" Screen. I press start, choose my name, and when I do whoever is at the screen says "Chris? I thought you we're out traveling!". If I run the game off of the data off the other memory card, it simply asks me which character I want to play from that town. PLEASE HELP.
so where are you trying to travel to?

the only point of the travelling/train thing is to go to another person's town (or one that you have on another memory card), otherwise travelling in the gamecube game is pointless.

I don't know why you're travelling in the first place, but if you don't insert/remove the memory cards, it will probably fix itself/be fine when you play again, since I think the game saves travel data on slot b, when you're leaving from your town (in slot a)

you would take slot b's card with you, and put it in slot b while the town you want to visit is in slot a, and save when you're done. when you come home, you put it back in slot b, with your town in a, and start again, your character should be fine.

I haven't played the original one in a long time, but I think that's how it works if I remember.

I don't know why you're using it if you have no place to go, or how the game would work if you don't have town data to load from (putting the travel data in slot a with nothing in slot b)

that faq covers the travelling process pretty in-depth, I don't know what your problem is with travelling.

you need both cards inserted to get your character "back" to your town, as he was last save.

the game goes to the start menu/screen after you get on the train, unless you have the second town in slot b already/to start with.
I'm going to explain this as best as I can.

I start up Animal Crossing, with my memory card with the town Clinton (where I live) in slot A, and the memory card with the town PC (where I want to visit) in memory card slot B. I load the game, and when I come to the game loading screen, It says: "It's currently blah blah blah in Clinton in Slot A". I go through the menu's and choose the Name "Chris" Which is my character. After everything loads, I go to Porter. He tells me he's going to save travel data on the memory card in slot B, and town data on the memory card in slot A. After that process, I board the train and the train leaves. The screen goes black, and the Nintendo logo appears. Then the "Press Start!" Screen appears, except this time, when I go to choose my name, they go: "Oh Chris! blah blah blah I thought you were traveling!". If I load the game up with the memory card with the town PC, It asks me which character from town I want to play. I can't find any travel settings, and when I go under the memory card settings for the gamecube cards, It shows that Memory Card 1 has "Clinton Town Data", the other shows "PC Town Data" AND "Chris Is Traveling" Data.

That guide was terrible btw. Almost no explanation on anything, and no troubleshooting. Not very well written if you ask me, but of course, it's pretty old, so it was probably good at the time.
then you should be able to just directly visit the other town :/

do you have a town already started in slot b?

yeah, the guide is terrible, but it should solve your problem.

sorry I can't help, but I think you need to troubleshoot some, yourself.

good luck
In that case that you said above, it's just a glitch. Some towns come with glitches. One time I had a town that you couldn't fall into pitfalls. One time on accf I had a glitch were the grass never went away. Animal Crossing has a lot of glitches, but some are pretty cool.