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Who's getting Black Ops?


Senior Member
Aug 13, 2009
Just interested in seeing how many people are actually gonna get it. I'm still debating it. Looks like the same thing I've played 3 times now, and it kinda bothers me that all Activision seem to care about is pumping out a new Call of Duty every year and making as much money as possible. Plus Reach just came out and is nearly a perfect game, and Bungie has already addressed the bubble shield fortress flaw in oddball. Also, can't forget all the other games coming out soon, like Fable 3, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Gears of War 3, and Ghost Recon. I'd much rather save up for those.
Not on launch. I'll wait awhile to see if it dissolves back into MW2. I'm perfectly content with Halo Reach for the time being. The mulitplayer's perfect in almost every way.