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Which of the 3 AC's do you prefer?

Wild World, by far! I also love the original that has so many fun features and events, but I like the gameplay and dialogs/interactions better in Wild World. City Folk didn't cut it for me; it just felt like a version 2.0 of Wild World. I'd like CF better if I hadn't already been playing WW.
City folk. The only reason being it was my first AC game, and I finished most of it. Whenever I play WW I keep noticing stuff that isn't in city folk and loose interest.
The Original.
it has that nostalgic feel to it, just like the first pokemon. i may have no idea as to why i love the series, but the first one started it all for me :gyroidsideways:. but my second is CF cause the original and CF because its the most popular game in my house, i mean besides wii sports and resort, everybody, except my dad plays it and its fun. but i still love WW for its portability and it was awesome living in a video game house with my brother :p ....but those damn acorns never go away! :mad:
Dudy said:
but those damn acorns never go away! :mad:
^ Pretty sure you can sell them to Nook for like 2 bells or something remarkable, or at least put them in the recycling bin at the town hall, if you're looking to get rid of them. I could be wrong, though :)

My fav is Wild World, since I never really got to fully enjoy the GC one.

Reason being, my Gamecube was at my other parent's house (divorce, tl;dr) and I wasn't able to keep things nice and pretty, so I was always picking weeds and stuff, and the game's nature didn't allow me to play it how I played every other game (AC being spread out in 10/20 minute intervals throughout the course of long periods of time, while my games being hours on end :p)

That, and its just more comfortable being able to walk around with the game, compared to being anchored down to one place.

Also, 2-4 people running around in your town in real time, who doesn't love that improvement?

City Folk is my least favored of them all.. bleh.
I like Wild World the best because of it's portability. Although I love Population Growing because it was the first AC game I ever played.
I've played all the AC games, and I have to say that I like City Folk the best. Sure it didn't change much, but it had the best Wifi and it had elements from the previous 2 AC games.
For me tie between original and City Folk because Original is best but no wifi wild world I couldn't use wife and City folk I could ^-^
Animal Crossing for the GC was the best by far. Like I've said before though, if Doubutsu no Mori e+ was released outside of Japan, that would probably be my favorite from what I've heard about it.
I bought the Original in 2004-ish and LOVED it. Bought Wild World and really, really liked it. City Folk was great, but like people said, it was Wild World 2.0 (Which isn't horrible - still a good game).

But I stopped playing for a long time. Guess which game I started another town in when I gained a little interest? The Original. So far, I've made 5 towns (2 of which were destroyed and another's memory card was lost). Wild World had 2, maybe 3 towns. City Folk had 1. I always find myself coming back to the Original, so I voted for that.
Wild World's my fave.
I played that one first, CF might have some different features but it's practically
the same as WW except that it isn't portable :veryhappy: