Which characters do you use the most?


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Dec 2, 2004
My current favorite is R.O.B., but my original favorites are still Peach, Daisy, and Wario. Some reasons for selecting those characters is that ROB's karts and his overall build have perfect speed and item ratings, although the acceleration isn't top-notch. Peach and Daisy have everything leveled out, although they sometimes excell in drifting (a favorite of mine) and item ratings. And Wario is just a classic favorite of mine from MK64.

I use yoshi the most. 2nd most I think would be Wario. and 3rd toad probuly
i still have 5 days until i get mkds, but in past mk games (i have super mk and mk64) my favorite has always been toad, and a little of peach and bowser.
R.O.B. has unfair advantages, its because the's the last guy you get, they make him a heavy, that has the best top speed, and medium style acceleration instead of heavy style... its pretty cheap : \

i really think they shouldn't have put him in the game.

anyway, yeah, i use Yoshi... i always have, and prolly always will.
great... looks like we have more ROB Users...

seriously, they gave him too good of stats... im surprised the entire of online isn't using him yet... he's ruined the game for me : \