When you purchase used AC games...


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Sep 8, 2013
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When I buy random Animal Crossing titles (WW and NL) on e-commerce sites, I always look through their town before deciding on anything.
Like right now I feel a bit odd... I'm not sure if I should delete this ACNL town I got from eBay. It feels like this person put a lot of work into their game! It makes me wonder who played it and why they're getting rid of it! They have so many PWPs up and different cool items!
It kind of makes it hard to delete it haha
(Wow they have their Town Hall upgraded to a Fairytale design...)

When you buy random WW and NL games, what do you do with the data? Delete it immediately? Ponder?
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I got used copies of Wild World and New Leaf and both of them looked like the previous owner didn't do much. In fact, the Wild World copy gave off the impression a child played it. It's kinda in poor condition (I have to be careful or it might crash) and when I checked the previous save, every player character was visited by Resetti.
The New Leaf copy didn't really have anything notable other than the fact I was greeted by Isabelle for the town's anniversary and it also happened to be a villager's birthday, but that was just weird timing.
I reset both of them.
I've never bought another copy of Animal Crossing although maybe I should think about it. The thing is, I think it's difficult for me to maintain more than one town/island at the same time lol
But also I, with all the games in second hand I've bought, have always looked at the old player's save file before deleting it. When it came to Pokémon games I used to transfer all Pokémon and useful items to another Pokémon game HAHAHA
And when I saw the start date of their adventure... it was always a particular feeling.
"I wonder who played this game in 2008... was they a kid like me? Or was they a teenager? They must have enjoyed spending 150 hours on it, so why sell it?"
There are many reasons why you let go of something from your childhood... I think change is fundamental, but the important thing is not to forget in my opinion.

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it"💕
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I purchased a used copy of Happy Home Designer, and of course, a save was already on it. I never bothered to explore it, as I clearly wanted to start from scratch, so I quickly went into the menu settings and Resetti'd it.

I can't say the same for New Leaf, as the copy I bought was new. As for my mint copy of Wild World that I long forgot about, I haven't played it yet, and I'll genuinely be surprised if there's a save already on it from long ago.
I pondered for a little while with my new copy of ebay acww. My old one I sold which I wish I hadnt a long time ago. With this new one I soon felt that I didnt want to get to know the person thru their town, besides, I already knew I wanted to create my own town. It felt alive seeing someone elses town
I've bought a few used copies of ACNL from eBay and Gamestop.I would usually take any valuables and good villagers then delete the save and start a new town.I did keep the save for a cartridge that had a town called Halow'en on it.The original owner had started a Halloween themed town and had some nice designs that they made themselves as far as I could tell.The bones were there for a good town so I fleshed it out and moved in some theme appropriate villagers:


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I miss how towns used to save on the actual game cartridge for this reason exactly! I loved finding old New Leaf games and then exploring the towns and even pillaging some from them lol.
I've only purchased one used copy of an Animal Crossing game, a copy of New Leaf a couple weeks ago so that I could make a town that had apples as the town fruit so I could have one town with each perfect fruit.

If there ever was a prior save on the cartridge it had been deleted prior to sale, so there was nothing to see.

Hypothetically, if there had been a town on that cartridge, I'd explore it a bit and also look through their house, storage and any envelopes saved at the post office to see if they had any items that I'd want to transfer to one of my other copies. Once all that would be done, I'd wipe the save and start fresh. While I can appreciate that it might've meant something to someone at some point, and it would be cool to see what they did, I have my own prerogatives for buying the game in the first place.
I’ve wanted to do this, but I realistically won’t considering that it would kind of be a waste of money once I’m done exploring the town. I know I can return it, but it would probably be my parents buying it and that would be kind of hard to explain.

So maybe I will do it someday, but I don’t think I will since I’ve only ever bought one copy of any video game before (Except in two cases). If I end up doing it, I’ll probably explore the town before deleting it, and hopefully the seller actually made progress in the game.