What’s your go to show/movie while….


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Sep 3, 2013
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What’s your go to show or movie to turn on while working on tbt projects?

I tend to turn on house or Harry Potter while I work on stuffs
I typically don’t watch TV when working on stuff for this site (or for anything else in general), but if I had a choice, I will probably say The Ghost and Molly McGee.
I rarely do projects but even if I did, I cannot focus on something else very well with a movie or show playing. I prefer music.
I don't usually watch TV while I work on projects since there's no good place in my room to do them, buuuut my favorite show to just have on in the background is Schitt's Creek! For movies I like Ponyo or Kiki's Delivery Service
I certainly have never worked on a project. (only began hanging around here a few days ago). I'll never get bored of the Willy Wonka movies. The original preferred but I like all three.
What’s your go to show or movie to turn on while working on tbt projects?

I tend to turn on house or Harry Potter while I work on stuffs
Haha. I was going to say HP and LOTR are never bad options.

But I'll also throw out really most any Marvel especially GOTG.
Honestly, I generally don't have any sort of shows/movies on the background while I'm working on anything, whether it's for TBT or anything else. However, if I do have something on, it will usually be sports. Hockey for the most part, though in the off-season I'll just have whatever else is on. It ends up being easy enough to have on in the background and only listen to, but pay attention whenever there's something that happens, like a goal.
I'm not watching TV because I don’t have a TV and need the computer screen to work, besides I'm easily distracted and I would just make plenty of mistakes. For crafts I usually go hide in the basement far from cats and watch the trees and moon from the window. If I could watch a movie I would choose Nighmare Before Christmas, A Christmas Story or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
I don't tend to put on any tv shows or movies when working on TBT events, but I'll usually listen to some of my favorite podcasts (Chilluminati and Goosebuds for example), some YouTube videos, some music, or maybe throw on a livestream from one of the people I follow on Twitch. I've never been the sort to put on shows or movies for background noise since, well, they're visual media and I'd rather actually watch them instead of just listen.
What? No no no I'm more of a VGM kind of person when it comes to projects for TBT.
TV Shows/Movies are too distracting for me. And that goes for anything else I do, it's all about the VGM to me.
The VGM in question usually is Nintendo music and songs from My Singing Monsters. You really should give them a listen, they're very great!
I usually put on a YouTube video essay or some of my favorite music. But sometimes I listen to episodes of the King of Queens lol.
I don't listen to anything while working on TBT events. It usually distracts me.
I don't like having the TV on while doing other things. It's waaaay too distracting for me. I think the only time I do other things with the TV on is if my spouse wants to keep watching shows and I want to get on my phone or on a game... And even then I don't care for it. I like silence when reading or playing a game (aside from audio from the actual game).