What is this?


May 20, 2009
Dragon Tokens
User Title Color Change
User Title Color Change
Okay, so I was trying to post in the thread about TheDoctor BAWWWing over other members doing what she gave them the choice to do, and of course, it got locked right after I tried to post. Typical.

And, on the error page, it said "{$this->error_buffer}".

Is this an error, or what?
[Nook said:
,Sep 12 2010, 03:00:38 PM]
Ciaran said:
Yes, it's germy's password.
I wonder if anyone's actually going to try it.
No, Germy's password is either something to do with his personal life, or something politcs related. [or maybe starwars]
He he, StarWars...yeah thank goodness Sept. 12th and TheDoctor's threads were closed. IN Sept. 12th, I was going nuts (lol, sorry bout that. I get really passionate about stuff like that) and TheDoctor was going to need a strait jacket. lol
It's the error code for you not being able to post in a thread. Sometimes, the code doesn't change into the message; in other words, you just see the code.