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*water fight**fools around**hospital*


Senior Member
Jun 14, 2005
The title brings your attention? Good *evil smile*


Anyways, I was in a water fight, destroying everyone with a water bottle

:p Then I reached for the hose but some one got it first! As a desperate attempt I ran for a bush!

But instead...I tripped on the stairs and fell, it fell so much pain at first, I crawled my way inside, my friends didn't belive I was hurt, so I cursed at them(they said," Woah he cursed! Hes not kidding!) yah, I don't curse that mush...anyways, I got in and called my mum, she drove me to the hospital..waited for 5 hours, got x-rayed..waited for 1 hour..put in a room 2 hours....got my cast...one more x-ray after that...3 more hours...

And now I am home...
my leg. and Fish, you of all poeple should know I type with my mind!
Not with the way you spell... It seems that you type with your feet.