Watch and Learn- A Sherlock FanFic

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Jan 24, 2010
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<big>Watch and Learn.</big>

A Sherlock fanfic by TheDoctor / EmzStar(That's my username)

Author's notes:
1) My OC character may have the same first name as me, but she is nothing like me.
2) I moved the episodes forwards in time so my OC could actually be written in; this fanfic begins just after 'A Study in Pink'.
3) I lost the original typed up copy of Chapter 1 so it might not be as good.
4) Chapter 2 has a mistake in it, but I have left it in, you'll find out why soon!


Sherlock is stuck with his cousin for six weeks, he knows his aunt is plotting something but he does know it will lead to disastrous consequences.

I don't own Sherlock, the BBC does (remind me to buy the rights off of them.) The only thing I own is the laptop I wrote this on and my OC character.

Enjoy and Review!

<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Chapter 1</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">
As Sherlock Holmes walked out of the Chinese restaurant his phone started bleeping at him. The sound it made caused passer-by's to glare at him with annoyance, among the group was Sherlock's new flatmate, Doctor John Watson.

Sherlock pulled the phone out of his pocket and glared at it like it was the dog that ate his Christmas dinner all those years ago. But his glare softened when the name of the caller flashed up, his cousin, Emma Holmes.

"And what time do you call this Charlie?" Sherlock couldn't stop himself, he had promised that he would never use that nickname again, but he loved getting a reaction out of Emma, she had such a short temper.

"I'm afraid, Sherlock, that this isn't 'Charlie', she wouldn't give me your phone number so, well, I think get the idea. And, Sherlock, never use that childish nickname on my daughter." Sherlock flinched, that definitely wasn't Emma, that voice, that cold, hard, unfeeling voice belonged to her mother, Sherlock's aunt, Maria.

"I have no need to listen to you. Good-"
I'm gonna give up posting this here, no one has reviewed it! This story had 4 reviews within the hour that I posted it on!! (All of which were good reviews asking for the next chapter!)

If no one reviews here then I'l just put all my attention into posting it on, you have untill Monday evening, UK time.