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Vote Bulerias as Local Mod for Crossing Guardian!

huh? where are they voting.... there not voting.... huh?

You created a board like that yourself!!! PM NOAS and tell them -

uhh... the NOAs arent loking for an LK... all thoughs who would make a good one were just for fun.
Bulerias said:
BAMBAM! said:
Bulerias said:
BAMBAM! said:
who would do that :|
What, vote for me, if there was a vote? I'd be one of the candidates for sure.

you want to be demoted?
Wha? From my admin position here?
Could I have it if he loses it?

Lol, just kidding. Bul, I don't think you would ever give up your admin status so easily.
Heh, you thought all those Crossing Guardian x stuff that K'o'H made was real.

:p ROFL!


Ahhh at the time it seemed like a good idea, but it wasn't going to work then, now, and more than likely in the future!

No offense to Bu but they aren't gettin a local knight in that board sadly. :no: