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TBT Staff.


<font size=5>News from The Bell Tree and Beyond -</font>


08/20/05 -

Over the last week, The Bell Tree has been buzzing with activity. More new members have joined, and most are now active. There are a lot of new threads at The Bell Tree now, and most are quite original. There have also been specific landmarks for members, some of which include JJRAMONE2's 1000 post landmark, and PIRANHA2's 2000 post landmark.

The Bell Tree, in the past week, has been reasonably flame-free, although that doesn't say much; there has been flaming, but not nearly as much as in past months. This is due to increased security, and deletion of posts that serve as, may I say, "matches" that light the fire of the flamewar.

With NOA_RUFUS's new policy regarding Animal Crossing DS businesses at Nsider, a lot of them have moved to The Bell Tree, including the largest enterprise, The Bell Guard. Some notables include Aostco and The Bell River Services. Most of them will be doing all/most of their work here, and will technically work "underground." The Bell Guard will be using a new advertising method soon, which will add to the to the overall member count at The Bell Tree.

NOA_RUFUS's policy has angered many members at Nsider, including some Sages that prefer to remain anonymous. The Bell Tree Staff doesn't wholly approve of the idea, but that is partly because they all co-own The Bell Guard. Many Nsiders thought that the business threads consisted of spam, but other members thought differently, and are currently waiting for Rufus to change the policy.

Camp Hyrule, Nsider's yearly activity, is now over! This year marked the eleventh Camp Hyrule, and it was the best one yet! The festivities ended on the 19th of August, with registered Nsiders competing for fabulous prizes that included sigs, wallpapers, and commemorative t-shirts. Although the competitors' expectations for getting Nintendo games were dashed, a good time was still had by all.

This is BULERIAS, signing off. ^_-




Smart Tech has decided to cancel the RP that he was going to release. Why he decided to cancel was this quote: "I would like to run it, but I'm afraid that I just won't have enough time when school starts, not to mention I will be having more Moderator duties as well."

The Bell Tree has now over 250 members. This milestone was reached yesterday, August 11. When the goal was first reached, no one but Smart Tech seemed to notice. But, once he made a thread about it, people started to notice and celebrate. We at The Bell Tree Monthly are glad that we have witnessed this glorious milestone be reached and hope that more users will continue to join us.

There has been a little fuss over the release of the new skin for The Bell Tree. Earlier this week StormTrooper announced that the new skin is almost completed and the Employee staff was to test it along with Pirahna2, also known as Fish, who had the idea for the skin and helped out with it. But, not all users were pleased with this. At the New Skin Chat Thread in the Wishing Well, several users had protested that this thread was not needed and they should be able to see the skin too. So far, the thread has remained open, and Storm has not changed his mind about who sees the test board: It is still restricted to Employees Only.


Lowercase names are sweeping over the users at The Bell Tree. What began as a little fun between the Admins has now turned into a forum-wide thing. Over 5 names of users at The Bell Tree have been changed to lowercase, and also 1 complete name change. Blast is in charge of this non-profit business, which is set up in TBT HQ. When I told him about how good it was that he was doing it, he replied with this quote: "I thought that everyone should have some of the same privileges as us Admins do." So far, this idea has been a success. Many users are now happy with their altered name.

Here is the list of those with name changes:
PikMino42 (Previously Pikmin042)

This is Smart_Tech_Dragon_15; I'll see you all later!


Hints of Future Events -

In the very near/distant/not too far away/very far away future, there will be two contests in the Creativity Alive board for a hefty prize... Stay tuned for more.


<font size=5>Nintendo News</font>

Revolution Spec Rumors

Han_Solo, the guy who released the Xbox360 specs one month before Microsoft announced the specs, has leaked specs for Nintendo's codename Revolution. Here's what he wrote:

"OK guys, got some new things about Revolution.

Yesterday Nintendo released their "near-to-final" specs again

Remember that N-Forum Magazine that was published on the internet about what the Rev will be like. It said Nintendo had 2 systems to choose from. I personally don
This doesn't have anything to do with IF, know why? Because they didn't mass e-mail us from IF....
PikMino42 said:
This doesn't have anything to do with IF, know why? Because they didn't mass e-mail us from IF....
Yeah we did.

BTW, 6000th post for TBT HQ!