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Town Names!!


Junior Member
Apr 28, 2024

I’m starting a new town, it’s gonna be blossom/nature themed. but main theme being flower forest. i need help with some names!! I don’t want it to be too short or long, and not too basic.
The best i’ve come up with is “BlossomVille” but it just doesn’t seem right!
The town has different flower themed shops/buildings and many trees, paths, crops and most importantly, flowers!!
If y’all could help me out thinking of names, it’ll be very much appreciated!!

"Sunflora" comes to mind. I'm not sure if you are a Pokémon fan though, since it's the name of a Pokémon, but I like it because "flora" is in the name, and you did mention that your town is going to have lots of flora. In addition, I personally think the "sun" part matches the natural feel you're going for.

I'm just curious, which game will the town be in? Crops are exclusive to New Horizons.