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This Site

ok lets start the long story
had a friend
went to his house
saw he had nitnendo power
got it
found add for nintendo.com
found forums & signed up
rented AC
saw AC forums on NF
bought AC
signed up for ACAC
storm gave me link to TBT
from TBT found link to many other sites

At first I lost the link, then I pmd Storm and he gave it to me again...Storm is great at advertising lol!
When Storm told me through a PM at NSider. I was the first person other than him to know about TBT.
beakmanthegreat said:
but youre member number 3...
who's 2 then...?
#2 was a test acct. if i am not mistaken...
anyways, i believe bul told me about tbt, and i met bul through tbg (aka tbts).
Well, it looked so cool, TBT and my bro wouldn't let me on it...then I snuck on and made an account and now...well...I am here

i was at NSider, then i got board and joined here... then i joined the ACAC


no PMing or anything, i just sort of wandered in >_>