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The "Your Town Flag?" Thread


Retired Staff
Dec 28, 2004
Hey all, Smart Tech here. You know (or know now :p) that you can display your design of a flag on the pole near the main gate. So, have you changed the design at all, and made your own flag? If you have, post either a drawing and/or screenshot of your flag here, or a description of it.

Best rendition I could make on short notice.


Description: Blue in the upper left hand corner, with the rest white. In blue corner, a golden star in the center.
My brother made this but it is a flag with the number 23 and then Jordan it is red and black...if you haven't figured that out, it is Michael Jordan...
mine has a Yellow background with blue polka-dots and a red N in every polka-dot.
When i get the game, it'll be a sword with four red dots in the corner and a black background.
If they allow that many characters, i'll name my town Empire of Ryx.
Otherwise 'Coodoo' sounds good.