The Wishing Well, Off-topic, TBT HQ distinction


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Jan 15, 2005
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OK, there has recently been a lot of confusion about the distinction between these two forums. Let's look first at the descriptions of each forum:

Wishing Well:
"Come to The Wishing Well to chat. Introduce yourself here, too!"

In this forum, anything that's chatty, like how your day was or what kind of things you like to do. Note, this is not a place for spam, like counting from 1 to 3,000.

:p Also introductions go here, too.

"Discuss anything not related to The Bell Tree, Animal Crossing, or video games."

This forum is what it says. No The Bell Tree threads, no video games threads and no Animal Crossing threads. You can put threads there about anything not related to the above, but no chat or spam. It's similiar to NSider's Power On, if you've ever been there (minus the rare video game-related thread there. :p)

"Welcome to the TBT HQ. Talk about anything online related and TBT related here! Enjoy your time!"

In TBT HQ, only online related things may be posted, some that relate to NSider, TBT, and other forums. You can post online related things here, too, only nothing off-topic, and basically no videogame postings. There are exceptions, though.
There's a few things I'd like to add. The Town Dump, which is located in the Wishing Well, is for posting extreme spam, if you will. The Wishing Well is more for chatting as PikMino42 said above. The Town Dump is for posting things that are completely useless, such as "kshjahsdjzdhlskjdlksa." Some of us need to let loose every now and then.


I also strongly suggest anything that has to do with other things online be posted in TBT HQ, instead of Off-Topic.

One more thing, I have seen perfectly fine threads posted in the Wishing Well a great number of times. Most of these threads can go in Off Topic. If you're not sure where something might go, just PM one of the staff (or make your best guess.)