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The very unoffical "fruit in ACWW" thread


Senior Member
Feb 25, 2005
what fruits do you think will be in acww? The only 2 that we know for shure (i think) are apples and acorns. are there any fruit that you dont want to see? and do you want fruit (and other foods, because there is a cafe) to affect the caricter?

the fruits that we know about and how:
Apples: they are on the box art
Acorns: teh clicky
cheeries: on box art
all the old fruit from the original AC: I got a pm from PEEPSLUVR at nsider. however, he did say in a later pm that he did not actualy see any of the others. just the acorns.

If I forgot any, please tell me.

pm from PEEPSLUVR:I think they had every fruit from AC except they added acorns on the trees. The slingshot might be used for popping the airborne balloons... or not. I'm not sure.
AC:WW includes the following fruits:

I. Apples
II. Oranges
III. Peaches
IV. Pears
V. Cherries
VI. Coconuts
VII. Acorns (Only on the Acorn Festival, if they count)
:yes: :yes: