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The True DS Player

CH. 2

Inside my room, I sat on my computer chair and turned on the DS. The dinging noise sounded like a bell for the gods. I sighed and smiled. I wanted to change the stuff first, so I clicked on the options button with the stylus I just pulled out. I clicked on the green button and onto the name button. The name in was
NICE! I cant wait 'till chapter 3. I bet your gonna be in, like, a DS world. Oh, I could write these. JK.

I'll post it now.

CH. 3
I fell through a white tunnel. I looked around me and saw a lot of zeros and ones. A little bit more down, the white turned into grey. I fell more, and it turned black. I couldn
CH. 4

The first thing I noticed in the town was that everyone looked like regular people. They all seemed normal. I looked around and saw one of my friends. I was shocked and walked up to him. His name was Nick, but luckily I knew his DS name.
CH. 6

I appeared at Assault Cradle, the largest of the three arenas. I looked down to see myself in no armor and weaponless. I looked around to find myself near the health spots. I ran over to the health to pick it up, but didn
The much waited Chapter 8!!!!! *screams from audience*

CH. 8

I appeared at a watery place, with islands all over. I looked around, and then looked at my scanner noticing a time meter on it. I sighed and heard a loud voice say
Oh noes! Poor Hobo shouldn't have taken the DS in the first place.

Thanks. I will post 9 when I finish 10.

Is this the longest Fan-Fic posted on here so far? Just wondering.