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The New Leaf Multiplayer Obituary Thread


Eternal Servant
Apr 2, 2024
In a matter of a few hours, maybe less, all 3DS Multiplayer will be gone. Forever, or at least until Pretendo works out.
Hard to believe the time goes by that fast, I've had my town for nearly four years and yet I've only played multiplayer this last week.
Yet in this last week I've made many memories and met a lot of great people with wonderful souls.

Much thanks to all of you at Bell Tree Forums for having such a comfy, welcoming place for Animal Crossing stuff.
Literally only signed up for a few days and it already feels like a cozy little home, I'm definitely gonna miss it.

I can only imagine how it must feel to have had your town for 10 years or so by now.
Anyway, this thread is to commemorate the death of 3DS online and the life which may continue on for the New Leaf community.
Share thoughts and memories, ups and downs, gratuities and the like.
I never bothered playing with strangers all that much but I've got positive memories of people's kindness when I was first searching for villagers. This was before amiibo cards, widespread save editing etc. and a lot people just voided less popular villagers. So it was really nice whenever people would advertise them anyway or would let you ask to not auto-void them from their cycling towns. :)

Back when I first started playing, I had issues with getting ACNL to play nice with my Internet connection. It was *only* ACNL and I never figured out why! I remember sooo many times when I just couldn't connect or would get randomly disconnected, but most people I encountered were really patient and understanding if I explained it in advance.
i have a tom of memories going to the island and making friends, even meeting some hackers, today is also the one year anniversary of the end of my favorite show so it just rubs more salt in the wound but ill bo okay, and imma try and have ppl together for a sendoff.
I find it funny how on the very day 3DS online was killed, I got a town initiative telling me to visit another town. And considering I have no one locally to play the game with...

All I did with online was go to the island and use the dream suite, but I'm going to miss it so much because it was so fun exploring towns different from your own and meeting new people on the island. One funny story there was when two other players were with me, Player A wanted to know how to get the golden watering can (or the shovel, I don't recall) and Player B "didn't care", so when I was about to tell A how to get it the connection got shut off, presumably by B because they REALLY didn't care about that golden tool hahahh