The METAL thread! \m/


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Sep 4, 2013
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Just an appreciation thread for any and all things metal! Favorite bands, sub-genres, band shirts and/or other merch you may have, concerts you're looking forward and/or possibly have already been to, etc.! If it's metal, it's allowed! \m/

I would like to start off by saying I have a RIDICULOUS amount of metal music on my external HD(a little over a terabyte) so I never have anything to run out of when I'm craving something different or whatever. Also, I think the sub-genres of metal I enjoy most are heavy(or classic or traditional, if you will), power, doom, stoner, thrash, death and black. I'm gonna do a shameless plug here, go to It's a FANTASTIC site w/ lots of information about the different styles and scenes and such; they also have forums there(of which I am a member of) so feel free to join if you're a fan of the music and would like to hang out w/ like-minded people and possibly get recommendations from the people there! We're a super-friendly bunch(and we could REEEAAALLY use more members T.T).:cool:
I love metal and rock. Some alternative :D I am always looking for more music as well. I don't listen to super heavy metal though.
I probably like some metal music, I just don't know it. I don't really pay all that attention to genre and such. Are there any bands you would say aren't suuuper heavy metal? I mainly listen to rock, so idk if any of these bands do metal but,

Five Finger Death Punch
Theroy of a Deadman
Breaking Benjamin
Bad Wolves

Just some bands that I notice I like more than 1 of their songs.
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The \m/etal thread nice.

First off, I started listening to NIN, Depeche Mode, Korn and other alternative bands or industrial bands that would be played on the radio around my middle school years. I had to work my way back to the glory years of 80s metal and to the origins of metal like Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer. We had no youtube back then so you had to dig deeper on file sharing sites like Soulseek, Metal Archives, and or by word of mouth from friends. I could really go on about my journey but I dont feel like making a giant wall of text lmao but i'll chime in on any discussion on here.
@Stello-Io: Hmm, I know Godsmack, FFDP and Breaking Benjamin(at least according to the MMA) are considered metal, not sure about the others though!, Btw my sister LOVES Starset! Her favorite band I think! I haven't checked out them yet myself but may do so a bit later!
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I'm hyped for the new possessed album which is also my most anticipated metal album this year. So far I liked Abandoned and no more room in hell tracks. Its crazy how Jeff's vocals are still sounding like the Eyes of Horror era from the mid 80s.
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^Oh mean, I learned about that not too long ago! SOO psyched!! \m/

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So far, metal releases I've enjoyed this year are:

Rotting Christ - The Heretics
Overkill - The Wings of War
Iron Savior - Kill or Get Killed
Candlemass - The Door to Doom
I still need to check out the new Candlemass album. I've only heard like one track that was uploaded that featured Tony Iommi which I liked.
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Some of my favorite bands are:

Lord of the Lost
Unleash the Archers
Cellar Darling

I like some other random songs by bands as well. Tho its hard to name them all. I listen to more european metal it seems. But I am always open to new jams!
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^I myself dig some Korpiklaani, Ghost, Nightwish and Avatar! Need to check out some of the others though. Also, if you like Unleash the Archers you may want to give Kobra and the Lotus a shot! I swear the vocalists sound just alike:
Korpiklaani is amazing and just puts me in a good mood xD

I do recommend Lord of the Lost if you like gothic metal/industrial metal/industrial rock/dark rock. I heard one of their songs and they instantly become one of my favs lol

also I will check that band out ^
^Hey those guys sound pretty dang good! I think you turned me on to a good thing here.:)
^DAAAMN! I did NOT see that coming! \m/
Gonna throw some Nightwish live clips in here cause why not. 3 with Floor and 2 with Tarja.

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^It's been awhile since I listened to some Nightwish! Gotta rectify that.