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The Bell Tree Times!


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Jul 8, 2005
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<big><big><big><big><big>The Bell Tree Times!</big></big></big>

<big><big><big>Issue 1.</big>

This is The Bell Tree Times! We are currently recruiting. We would like to take a few moments to explain this newspaper and how recruiting works. First off this is The Bell Tree Times. We are the official newspaper of The Bell Tree. We record all important events that occur in The Bell Tree. We also have the weather, sports news, and important sales or discounts. Second, recruitment. We are currently hiring in all jobs. Except manager. Heres a quick list of current employees. (Note: This list will be updated by the Admins, as I cannot yet edit posts.)

Co-Manager: --None--
Writers: --None--
Editors: --None--
Reporters: --None--

Anyway, when we get some writers and editors, we will beging work on the first OFFICIAL issue. To work here, you must simply PM me a piece of your writing about a current going on, sports news, or a sale or discount. Be warned though, if this piece is good enough, I will place it in the first issue. We will not allow people who have messy writing skills. If I find that there is even one screw up, it will be points off of your chance of getting in. Basically you start with 100% chance of getting in, and lets say I find a mess up, depending on the severity of the mess up I will decrease up to 10% from your chances. So do your best! By the by, I have whipped up a few signature add ons for staff and fans to choose from.


The First TBTT Sig Add on.


The Second TBTT Sig Add on.
I was going to do that for my newspaper at NSider as well.....Anyways. good luck with this. I am too busy right now for it. Maybe later on

;) Once again the best of luck