Shop The Ballroom (-◉‿◉-) Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Apricorn Balls & Items + Shiny Pokémon, Apricornmons & More!

For Americans it would be around Central time

Edit: I can actually do it right now. But it will have to be fast!
Oh okay you're only two hours ahead of me, then yeah that should be fine :)
Great! Tomorrow will be easier. I have to work soon so that would be better for me. I also use an English Switch and game so that should make it easier too
Back again lol. Can I get a Charcadet in a beast ball and a Mimikyu in a moon ball?
Hi! May I please get a female hidden ability Eevee in a love ball? 🙂
hi firesquids! :] was wondering if this shop was still open!
if so, could i buy 5 each of the love ball, dream ball, and moon ball? ^^