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Retired Staff
Feb 6, 2005
yes, thats right, im back... i was camping for a few days... pretty fun, challenging... and yes... wet.

so, anyone miss me


and yeah, whats happening... what did i miss... the whole 3 days i was gone


things i did:
1. hiked 12 or more miles
2. carried a 40 LB pack for 12 or more miles
3. tried to catch a few fish
4. failed to catch a few fish
5. watched a few friends catch a few fish
6. went swimming in water that should have been frozen...
7. got wet
8. got covered in rain
9. uhh...
10. hiked back

yay.... what a great list... if anyone is wondering how many mosquito bites i have... i've guessed somewhere between 5 - 30 yeah...

so thats about it... yeah, not too hard... but still a noble challenge