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TBT's latest party ever!

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Congrats on 2000 posts!!!


I have a gift for you too...
You gift is:

I made it on paper then sacnned it then posted.

And I'll give you 2000 bells!
Whoa.... Can you resize that image?!

Anyways, moved to Wishing Well.
thanks justin *huggles your drawing*...
you dont need to give me any bells, it's ok, i don't realy need them.
No, I insist. Have the bells.

And Congrats again.
You know there was'nt much of a party....


When there's a bunch of peaple on I think the praty should start again.

What do you think?

It was small for 2000 posts.
So.. Do you think we should party again more when more peaple are on?
---Sorry. For double post.---
tomNook said:
I mean the bells.
No. They are for, darth. Even if does not want them, no. No Offence.
I noticed that darth would be a turnip if he was not a sage.
Did I miss the party


:unsure: no one is here


:unsure: ... PARTY anyways :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :eh: :eh: :eh:
:rofl: Congrats...
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