TBT Warn System question


Senior Member
Oct 20, 2005
I know you may not want to answer this but, what are the least and highest warn values (1-100, 10-100, ect.).? And also, does TBT ban when they warn or just warn until they get so high then they are banned (assuming they only do things to get them warned)?
In percent terms, it is 0% to 100%, and in numerical terms, 1 - 10.

Bannings can be different in different situations. Sometimes, if a person does something really bad, they get banned instantaneously. But if they do something that only deserves a warn, they get warned. At around 50% or 60%, temp-bans are considered, and at about 100%, perma-bans are considered.
Ok, cool. I didn't know if this board has it set up so you are warned once you are at 50% or 10% or 1%. Every board is different even if they don't seem it. Thanks.
A single warn is 10%, but if you do something really bad, you might get more than one warn. Once you get into higher numbers you might also get banned with a warn. Once you reach 100% (only one member has), the staff will consider to permaban you.
Thanks. So this is similar to the way I do it exept for nobody has gotten warned and break one rule, you get warned and only at 100% do you get banned.