TBT Tournament Chat Thread


Retired Staff
Dec 28, 2004
Yes, and welcome to the TBT Tournament Chat Thread. This is for a special event, so there will only be one. Remember, all rules apply here, so have fun, chat, and pass around the root beer.

So, on topic, are you excited about the Tournaments? Thinking about kicking someone's butt? Discuss it here.
Well, don't wanna talk the talk and not walk the walk, but "You're all goin down!" <small><small><small><small><small><small><small><small>(if smart's on my team)</small></small></small></small></small></small></small></small>
Smart said to me he won't be playing because it would'nt be fair if I heard right.
I'm sure I can win in Sub War!
Tank attack is the only one with skill...

sub war is basicly lucky guessing... pointing out a point at random on a blank board and hoping you hit something isn't skill, driving around, shooting people is.

i think i'll have an alright chance at this... im not that great, but not that bad either.

oh yeah, for a rule, we should have "No Double/Triple Teaming"

even though its fun sometimes, there's no place for that in a huge competition.

also, camping is for little boys, so i suggest to any men out there to fight like one. : )
I have the same Question too. I hope the answer is Stratigy.