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Feb 27, 2005
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Welcome to the TBT Survivor info thread. This thread is to inform you about the newest chat game called Survivor. To start this off, I will now explain to you what this game is.

On a Sunday (the first game will be held on 5/15/05) I will make a sign up sheet for Survivor. Once 6-8 poeple have signed up, I will post a new thread saying who is on what team(teams will depend on who is online at what time) at that thread the contestants can chat about the game. On the day before a team is going, I will PM them with the theme (note I may try to trick you by mixing it up) The next day the team will enter TBT LIVE CHAT 5-15 minutes before the assigned time. There I will ask 5 questions. This is repeated for the next team (the theme is the same for both teams) A day after the second team has gone I will post a thread saying which team won. I will say who answered the most questions of the losing team too. (The person that answers the most questions on the losing team wins immunity and can not be voted out) I will then ask each member on the losing team to send me a vote for whom to vote out. And the person with the most votes will be voted out. This will be repeated until we have a survivor. (There is a lot of stuff that will happen as the game goes on but I don't want to spoil it)


No spaming in a thread or the chat room
You may chat but keep the topic about the game

Prizes are the winner get 800 bells and a rank called Survivor Champ for a week. The Survivor Champ rank will include editing.

Feel free to post any questions here.

Also this may sound confusing, but it will all make sense after the first game. Trust me.


Survivor winner~(there are none so far)
BAMBAM! said:
I know we can get 6. I know Bul will sign up and most likely Blast, Storm ,bob, Zelda, sporge. Hopefully you and pranha.
6 people, that's 3 per team and if one has immunity, you have two people voting someone off. :|